about Tessa's Total Training

Craig and Tessa have a combined experience of 19 years specifically in the competition and fitness industry.  Both of them have been involved in sports all thier lives.

Tessa graduated from College of Charleston in 1998 with a B.S. in Exercise Science and minor in Health Education.  She went on to compete in the NPC turning IFBB Pro in 2006!  Since then She has competed in fitness, figure, and physique divisions.  She retired in 2012 and started Team Tessa!

Craig attended college at the University of South Dakota and University of Sioux Falls.  He was competitive in swimming, wrestling, and biking.  He competed in his first show in 2011.  After falling in love with the sport, he continues to train and aspires to compete at Master’s Nationals.  In 2016 Craig and Tessa created Team Charleston Physiques for male competitors.

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  • Weighing in @197 today. Bod def showing some age but I’m happy with it. Don’t be to self critical. #fit@49 #npc #teamtessa
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  • Goofball video. But this is the way to prep some sweet potatoes. #npc #preplife
  • I ran into this client a few years ago. She reached out 11 days ago and Boom 💥So amazes right now at the human body. #tbtwednesday #transforming #lifestylechange #teamtessa
  • Everyone wants to hire a coach for prep. The serious have one 12 months. @stephanieorourke Athlete on top of her game
  • First round of posing in the books for this bikini athlete @kelseymaizefit the fun has just begun. #teamtessa #npc #npcbikinicompetitor #ifbb #futureifbbpro #Fit_2Day
  • So I’m just going to let that picture speak life into the phrase “age is just a number.” It’s been such a pleasure working with @stephanieorourke these last couple of years. Even though she hated me at first. Lol. Anytime I have given her a challenge it’s only met with one response, “anything you say coach.” She has worked her butt off and gives selflessly to the team her time and motivation. Cheer her on as she gets ready for 2 shows back to back. #TeamTessa #CharlestonPhysiques #TeamCharlestonPhysiques #npc #ifbb #npccompetitor ##ifbbpro #bikini #figurecompetitor #npcfigure #figurebeast #charlestonsc #greatbodies #dedication #focus #determination #charleston #summerville #goosecreek #goldsgym #girlswholift #muscle #scnpc #borderklash #proam #npcgrandprix
  • Great Work out with this athlete @kelseymaizefit her future in the sport has no ceiling #npc #scnpc #fit_2day
  • When your clients don’t follow the plan, sometimes they just need a little nudge. #client #crimescene #npc #scnpc
  • Great job @masked_pretense #npc #ncnpc #scnpc

Thank you!

The results I saw from working with this team exceeded all of my expectations!  Craig and Tessa are two of the BEST!  I am so happy that I decided to change my life and join this team!  Thank you Charleston Physiques and Team Tessa…you really do rock!

​Jason Childers
Retail Store Manager
​Charleston, SC

Scene: New Years’ Day 2019

I made a resolution to get back into shape and healthy again. Most of you have seen me in various shapes, sizes and levels of fitness over the years. I signed up for a 12 wk fitness challenge at Golds Gym and worked with Chris Wells as my personal trainer for 6 months. I felt like I needed a finite fitness goal, and after winning the 12 wk fitness challenge, I set my sights on an NPC Figure show. I’ve always thought bodybuilders are badass and never thought that I could compete. Cue my introduction to competition prep coaches Craig and Tessa! For 16 weeks they have guided my nutrition, training, posing and have transformed me into a figure competitor! I am proud to be a Team Tessa athlete.


Elizabeth Johnson
Charleston, SC